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RT @kymg: 目標を35万$も上回る結果に驚いています。ご支援、ありがとうございます!きっと良い作品となって菓皆様の元へ帰ってくると思います。https://t.co/1ZNH6elZeU http://t.co/8wFEEOqIQk
2014-09-07 13:16:29

@pixelfenix Hiroaki Yura will announce it at Otakon
2014-08-05 15:48:48

Our next possible project... http://t.co/MnsDlfG8Bw
2014-08-04 21:26:34

Recording last week with the great Michiru Oshima, Kevin Penkin and Tomoki Miyoshi. Recorded and mixed by the... http://t.co/E0K7RoGzvE
2014-05-26 21:12:17

RT @gameloadingtv: We just wrapped an interview with @HiroakiYura from @PhoenixJRPG His view of Tokyo is amazing!! http://t.co/8GhHMQ06wk
2014-03-15 12:39:09


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